The purpose of this retreat is to understand and create a blissful state within self.  The breakthroughs will come from bringing the unconscious in the archetypes to the physical plane in a balanced immersion.  You will immerse yourself.  You will transform yourself.  And you will find the next level of Bliss.  You are giving yourself the opportunity to transform from the inside out, which is the only lasting change you can experience in your external world and reach a bliss state of being.

The effectiveness of the retreat is like coming together for spring training in baseball.  Now that you have recovered your missing archetypes, and have a full team–it’s time to help them learn to play together as a team.  Nothing does this like getting away to a different place for an extended time with one focus–learning to play your best as a team.  This will be the lasting change that you will get to experience in your physical life. 

We engage the archetypes at every level–we engage them at the PHYSICAL level so that our brain and body and heart are activated for creating new patterns of bliss.  

We engage the archetypes at the INTELLECTUAL level–learning more about the 24 archetypes…masculine and feminine–and how they interact with each other.

We engage the archetypes at the INSTINCTUAL unconscious level–using all parts of us to re-wire the brain.  The image above was part of someone’s shadow work where they re-wrote some unconscious beliefs by changing the image at the unconscious level–also interacting with the mind heart and body.

We also engage the archetypes at the EMOTIONAL level, learning to engage and move through the emotions rather than rejecting or projecting them.  This lets us find joy that may have been hiding for years.

And we engage our archetypes at the UNITIVE level (sometimes referred to as spiritual or mystical).  We get help from natural tools of wisdom that help us turn off our usual filters and our inner critic long enough to see reality as it is–without our lenses of old patterns and judgements.  This brings it all together in a way that makes deep and lasting change.  WIth all these tools at all these levels, you will be able to remove whatever obstacle is between you and bliss.  You will have a new found vitality that creates inspired, intentional action to come forth within your life.

And even though you are doing all this work/play discovering your highest and best self…you get to do it with others.  And in the process you just may find that you  create connectedness with a group of people whom you come to know like family.  

In spending this much time in a non-judgmental, curious presence with others doing the same thing in such an amazing setting, you may find a level of companionship you did not think possible.  Others will learn from you.  You will learn from them.  And you’ll look back on the journey knowing that none of you will ever be the same old self again.


Are you fit for this journey?  If you are receiving this letter, it is already clear you are ready.  However, we will need to ask you 3 questions to ensure your bliss state is ready for you.

This conversation will be with Dr. Beals or Suzanne over the phone and will serve as a gatekeeper to your commitment to yourself.

Please text Suzanne Metz at 925-322-7702  [email protected]

We are excited to talk with you further.



Once you are accepted into the journey retreat, you will be receiving a welcome letter, with lots of important information about what to bring on the retreat, communication, food, when to arrive, and more.  It will formally begin on February 23 at 3:33 and end on March 1 at 8:33am

There will be a waiver to sign of liability/assumption of the risk document. Also, there will be another waiver to sign if you are participating in some earth medicine ceremony to enhance and deepen your journey.  This can be discussed further with Dr. Beals if you are interested.


The retreat is being held at an absolutely stunning retreat center in LA PAZ, BAJA, MEXICO. It is a magical place where sea, sky, desert and mountains align.  You will each be getting your own private cabana.

The retreat center is in a remote location.  The starry sky and stunning atmosphere includes mountains, cactus, ocean, desert, and the best stars you’ve ever seen.  It is definitely worth the use of compost toilets! 

 There is much preparation happening for your arrival and we are very excited to greet you on this journey.



The retreat is catered with delicious, nutrient food. It is mostly vegetarian with fish also being served.

You will be receiving a form asking if you have any food sensitivities or requirements. We want to accommodate everyone with food allergies or requirements and any health restrictions.

Transportation for you from and to the airport is provided.  The airport to fly into is SJD Los Cabos San Jose.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks so much for your attention and we look forward to this magical and special journey with you!

If you have further interest in the retreat, please text or EMAIL US DIRECTLY at the phone number or email mentioned below.

Suzanne Metz


[email protected]