The purpose of this retreat is to find and ignite the inner fire that comes through recovering the archetype of your WILD self.  This is the source of vitality and energy and life-force.  But most of us get the WILD beaten out of us.  Or we get scared of how our wild used to show up and so we put it in a cage and threw away the key.  Or we donate it to the local zoo, for someone else to feed and care for in captivity.  But then we eventually find ourselves lacking passion, drive or spark.  And we wake up one day realizing we are among those that Ralph Waldo Emerson described leading “lives of quiet desperation.”


 So how do we recover this missing WILD?  That sounds dangerous.  And even if I wanted to, how would I even go about finding where it is, or uncaging it?  And if I do that, how will I ever bring it back home to my every-day life without creating a big hairy mess?



Are you fit for this journey?  If you are reading this far, it is already clear you are ready.  However, we will need to ask you 3 questions to ensure you’re prepared and a good fit. 


This conversation will be with Dr. Beals or Suzanne over the phone and will serve as a gatekeeper to your commitment to yourself.


Please text Suzanne Metz at 925-322-7702  [email protected]

We are excited to talk with you further.




Once you are accepted into the journey retreat, you will be receiving a welcome letter, with lots of important information about what to bring on the retreat, communication, food, when to arrive, and more.  It will formally begin on April 18 at 3:33  and end on April 24 at 8:33am.  

There will be a waiver to sign of liability/assumption of the risk document. Also, there will be another waiver to sign if you are participating in some earth medicine ceremony to enhance and deepen your journey.  This can be discussed further with Dr. Beals if you are interested.





The retreat is being held in a remote location on the edge of a Volcano where Mountains meet the Jungle.

Accommodations are rustic, and this is no resort.  Water comes directly from the mountain.  And our shit goes directly into the earth.  There is no room service.  This is WILD.  This is authentic.  Not everyone is ready for this level of retreat.  We have different levels of ‘creature comfort’ in our retreats, so if the wild and rustic setting is too much for you, then you may want to do a different retreat before jumping into the deep end.  But if you are ready…then take the plunge into the wild.

We are being welcomed into a community who is opening up their space and welcoming us into the heart of transformation.


 There is much preparation happening for your arrival and we are very excited to greet you on this journey.



The retreat is catered with delicious, nutrient food. It is mostly vegetarian with fish also being served.


You will be receiving a form asking if you have any food sensitivities or requirements. We want to accommodate everyone with food allergies or requirements and any health restrictions.



Transportation for you from and to the airport is provided.  The airport to fly into is Pasto, Colombia.   


Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks so much for your attention and we look forward to this magical and special journey with you!


If you have further interest in the retreat, please text or EMAIL US DIRECTLY at the phone number or email mentioned below.


Suzanne Metz


[email protected]