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Thanks, Dr. Corwynn Beals and the Marriage Alchemists

Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say…

Breakthrough Healing–Quickly

I had a breakthrough working with Corwynn and his groundbreaking methods after just a few sessions–more transformation than I experienced in many years of traditional therapy. It was quick, to the point and yielded immense healing. He also equipped me with the tools to continually refine the way I take on life’s challenges. I can’t say enough about my experience and I can say I’m now excited about what my future holds.


New Freedom to Fully Live and Embrace Life

Doing soul work with Corwynn was experiential, enlightening and freeing. His deep, wide experience and knowledge helped lead me through a variety of stages to reconnect my heart to my head and pay close attention to my body. This work took me to a deeper self-awareness, an exploration of all emotions and ultimately the exposure of some of the self-limiting barriers. This lead to knocking the barriers down and calling out truth, which ultimately led to a new freedom to fully live and embrace life.


From Stagnant to Radiant

I’ve gone from being stagnant in my life to finding this radiance within myself. And then other people are seeing this radiance as I have found it in myself. So it only feeds the flame more. I’m finally feeling happy My partner sees it. My friends see it. My mom sees it. They all see the radiance in me.