June 1-6, 2023
Oregon Coast
If you’ve received this invitation, and are reading this right now, it’s because you have already completed the most difficult part of your journey to bliss–the journey through your personal hell to eliminate suffering by getting out of blame and recovering your biggest missing archetype.

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Getting out of suffering is one huge step toward bliss.  And now, perhaps, you are feeling the CALL OF THE WILD–the call to find that source of limitless vitality, energy, and flow.

That call might be a dull aching–the sense that you are not accessing the life force that you once had. 

That call might be a persistent nagging feeling that you are not living to your full potential.  You know that there is an inner source of vitality, but you just can’t seem to access it.  And knowing what is just beyond your reach adds to the frustration.

Most women ignore the call or pretend it’s not there.  Many just accept that living a dull, lifeless existence  is part of becoming an adult, and try to convince themselves that their best days are in the past, so they just grit through the dull pain.

Others try to numb the pain with wine or work.

Or there is the option of escaping into fantasies or seeking shallow short-term flattering encounters.  

But if you listen to your gut, you HEAR that call.  You know that it is possible, because if you hear the call, then it is real–and it means that there is someone calling you.  And it means that there is something different you are being called to experience. 

So who is calling you?

To be clear…the coaches at Marriage Alchemy are NOT the ones calling you–we are simply here to help you realize where that call is coming from and how to find it and how to respond to it.

And you know that the call cannot coming from some man.   You’ve tried that.  The call cannot be coming from some perfect job or role.  You’ve done that.

The call is actually coming from your inner wild self.  But it’s hard to hear that call in the crowded, busy, loud space of every-day life.  And it’s hard to hear when it’s drowned out by all the other voices in your head who have been calling the shots for so long.  

We are just here to help you HEAR that call.  And we are here to help you RECONNECT to the part of you who is calling.  And we are here to help you RESPOND to that call.  

And we are here to help you realize that the call is not coming from some time in the future.  We are here to help you hear the call RIGHT NOW.  

And we’ve been called to offer this retreat in June as a rendezvous for you and your WILD SOUL.  But responding to the call doesn’t even begin in June.  It begins RIGHT NOW.  
It IS possible to feel fully ALIVE again.  Perhaps even MORE alive than ever before.  Maybe the call is a gentle whisper nudging you to finally make the leap.  Maybe the voice sounds like a lover’s sensual invitation.  Maybe the call sounds like an angry barking from someone you’ve ignored far too long.  Or maybe the call sounds like the scream of despair from someone who is on the verge of giving up.

But whatever that call feels and sounds like…you have the option to respond to it.  And your wild soul may not call forever.  Do you want to respond to it now before it has given up on you?  Now is your moment.  Whatever you decide right now is your choice for your lifetime.  Because sometimes we don’t get another call.

If your gut is inviting you, then don’t hesitate one moment longer.  Reach out to us at the link below, and we will see if you are a good fit for this immersive experience.

What are we doing on the retreat?  How will we do this?  What are the details?  Well, we’ll be meeting for six days on the wild Oregon coast and you will be guided by Dr. Beals and Suzanne Metz to go where you have not gone before and do what you have not done before.  The plan is to follow YOUR wild, so you will have the custom attention of two experienced wilderness guides into YOUR wild.  That’s the plan.  Those are the details.  

There are only two questions:

  1. Are you hearing the call of your wild?
  2. Are you going to answer it?

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