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 Are you ready to embark on a sacred sexual journey? 

Sexual energy is the most creative, powerful energy. It is a part of your life force, which has many different names in different cultures (Chi, Ki, Prana, Élan Vital, Kundalini, Holy Spirit). This life force has been deeply blocked, controlled and repressed in our culture–in both the religious and secular structures of belief and meaning.

This immersive retreat is designed for couples to understand, channel and liberate sexual energy and connect both individually and together. By opening the  unconscious blocks to your sexual energy you will increase your creativity, vitality, your health, your joy and your intimate relationships. It is not just about experiencing bliss for a week (though that will definitely happen). This is about re- wiring your unconscious system and learning how to interface with a partner who is also doing the same. You will learn how to tap into your own bliss and how to create SHARED bliss. You will embody how you can use this energy to tap into a connection with yourself and your partner.

We will use many different tools to help you achieve this– from the medicine of laughter; through dream medicine; through plant medicine ceremony; and of course, through the medicine of greeting our archetypes.

This is not just a vacation–because you’re not vacating your reality–you are creating a new reality. This is not a workshop, because it will be more like play than work. But it will be more fulfilling because it will deepen your creative connection to yourself and to your partner.

The retreat is being held at an absolutely stunning private home in PINILLA, COSTA RICA. It is a magical place where couples will have their own king suite and private bathroom. Enjoy a swim in the pool together, relax in the hot tub, cuddle in the hammock , take a short 5 min walk to the beach, and enjoy and embrace nature all around.

It’s helpful if one of you has had some experience with archetypal language—speaking the archetypal language will be shared with your partner on this retreat journey so you will now have a common language.

You need to have a desire and willingness to try what you haven’t tried before–a certain playfulness. Plant medicine really opens us up here as well.   And most of all, you will want to overcome your fear of freedom and bliss. Many people are scared of leaving their familiar suffering and masks that keep them from shifting into a rhythm of freedom and bliss.

This beautiful space provides a fresh slate where you and your spouse will create new pathways of intimacy and truth.   It is a special container where divine time can replace the hussle and bustle where you can actually see and connect with your spouse in a way you have always dreamed.

Once you have set sail into the ocean of bliss, it is impossible to go back.

Some of the tools for removing blockages that will be used include:

ARCHETYPES – the language of the unconscious is archetypes, so learning how to recognize your archetypes and relate with them (instead of against them) will set you free at the unconscious level.  Learn how to use archetypes to change life-long patterns.  And learn how to bring the unconscious archetypal dance between the two of you to the conscious–where you will then change the dance to create magic.

PLANT MEDICINE – over 100 years of research has revealed that ‘talk therapy’ just doesn’t work.  Now that plant medicine has been allowed for use in clinical studies, it has been shown that the combination of Psilocybin and Sassafras is the most effective combination at transforming relationships and deepening intimacy.  Integration and immersion is most important in maximizing this transformation.  So using these in the right way, in the right dosage, with the right intentions and the right preparation and integration combine… to make this a life-changing experience.


FOOD and PLAY – exploring ways to encounter food and drink, music, movement in really simple but profound ways helps open up our senses.  Sexuality research shows that by being open and discovering more about what turns us on allows for the passion, spark, and desire to re-ignite our sexual senses.  


It will formally begin on January 20th with an arrival time as early as 3pm. Dinner will be served with a welcome ceremony to follow. The retreat will close on January 27th at 9:09am. So please arrange your flight schedule accordingly. (airport to use to arrange flights is Guanacaste Airport in Liberia (codeLIR).

We look forward to seeing you and providing you with the gift of Bliss, Freedom and Aligned Sexual Connection on this epic retreat.  

Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to this magical and special journey with you!!  TEXT or EMAIL  DIRECTLY at the phone number below and we will set up a call to see what is possible…

Love and Light, 

Dr. Corwynn Beals  


Suzanne Metz