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What people are saying about Marriage Alchemy…

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Marriage Alchemy has just provided me everything and more that I could have asked for and I can’t even explain how grateful I am.

- Stephanie

It was money worth spent. The result was I initially was going to divorce court, now we’ll be celebrating our 2 year anniversary.

- Faustino

Group calls are truly the best part of the program… I felt like they were my friends since they went on this journey with me.

- Maureen

These concepts can be employed in so many different scenarios, in addition to helping people with their marriage relationships. 

- Kirsten

If you don’t want to lose the opportunity of life and everything else that’s around it, that is one of the greatest values of this course.

- Wally

You are half of the relationship, so if you learn you, change you, grow you– then 50% of that relationship is 100% better.

- Shamary

It offered me hope that my marriage could be saved, but ultimately we would be digging deep into me and that would make the difference for myself, the marriage, and other relationships.

- Jen

The effectiveness of the program, along with all of the knowledge I have gained, the coaches, the people that are involved, I think it’s great they truly do care, so I definitely would recommend it. 

- Jeremy

I’ve noticed not only in my personal relationships, but in my professional work– everywhere in my life, things were starting to change.

- Kris

I was sick to my stomach due to how much anxiety I had… Corwynn said that feeling will be gone in a week… and let me tell you, he was right! 

- Jennifer

I find that learning from other people is always a way of growth within yourself… you come to a point in your life and the in relationship that you need help and this is definitely the way to go.

- Annie

I’ve actually discovered some things about myself that are internally valuable… I will always have those things that have been gifted to me through Marriage Alchemy.

- Christian

Going through this journey I definitely feel more authentic to myself, I feel whole, I feel in control.

- Sydney

Now that I’m taking care of myself… everything seems to be in balance, I am claiming more space for me. This is an investment in my life, my marriage, and as a parent.

- Veronica

 I think for the right people in the right place at the right time, can be something that is incredibly empowering and transformational.

- Evan

Being in blame kept me in dissapointment and suffering and I needed to change my story. I’m so grateful for this program.

- Giovanna

The nice thing about it was that I could go through this counseling experience without my husband needing to be a participant in that.

- Jamie

I was amazed by how many people were reconciling through the program… that reconciliation gave me hope throughout the process.

- Jason

When I started the program I didn’t have much confidence… and I did find it in this program. It worked out really great, I was able to pick up some new things to help me to grow.

- Alfred

What started as an understanding of myself, grew to my marriage, my children, everyone around me. I very much appreciated that part of the program.

- Jarod

I think this is an incredible program for transformative growth.

- David

It brought me back to my core of who I am and what I value, and helped bring some calm and consistency back to my life.

- Elizabeth

The biggest highlight is just rediscovering a part of myself that I had lost over the course of my relationship. Which for me specifically was rediscovering my value, my self worth.

- Sarah

We love the new marriage, we love how it’s different, we love that we seem more one now than ever… and there’s all sorts of benefits to that. 

- Jenn

I’ve gone from feeling powerless to empowered.

- George

Understanding archetypes has allowed me… to be present with myself, my wife, or anybody else

- Scott

100% this helps you with your marriage, but it also helps you with personal growth. It helps you focus on what you want to do with yourself.

- Sharon

This program will not just change your life but will help you grow to become the person you want to be and to make your life the way you want it to be.

- Mary

I now am more in charge of my own experience, I own my experience in my marriage more. That is freedom, that is power.

- TR

My life has transformed immensely… and I just couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to have success with the course. 

- Lisa

For me it really had nothing to do with the marriage, or saving the marriage, it really had to do with saving me.

- Leila

That was a big difference for me to see how much I changed and my spouse noticed I changed… he said, “I can’t believe someone could change so fast.

- Kiersten

This was something that just resonated with me because it was a little bit deeper [than traditinal therapy].

- Greg

There’s so many people that need this… being able to learn from others… was truly profound.

- J'nae

It is an investment, but ultimately an investment in
yourself is never a loss.

- Darrin

Just all the shifts I’ve seen in me, I think it’d be pretty cool for everyone on this Earth had those same shifts. We’d be living in a great world. 

- Karen

I believe the program was a godsend and it rang true, all the way through to my soul.

- Barbara

I think it’s an investment in not only your marriage, but yourself, your career, your children… and I love that.

- Jeremy

Nothing else worked. This changed things at the root. The Issue Just Falls Away. 

We were to a point where there were just so much painful feelings of resentment and animosity towards each other [in my marriage]. It was becoming awful. I tried other resources: I tried reading, therapy, I tried to get him to go to therapy. What I found was that these other things I’ve done didn’t really get to the root of it. I felt good for a moment and then the same issue would creep up in a month or a year later.  

What I found was when I’m implementing parts of the program, I’m letting go of guilt and blame. It’s important to have a mentor and the group supporting me in order to keep on practicing. Each week building upon the week before. We actually get to the root cause and you actually can feel your energy changing. It feels like the issue just falls away.  

You feel that you’ve gotten it and it’s resolved and you really don’t have to worry about that again. So that’s extremely different from anything else that I’ve experienced. Corwynn as a mentor and a leader is phenomenal.

- Dawn

Breakthrough Healing–Quickly

I had a breakthrough working with Corwynn and his ground breaking methods after just a few sessions–more transformation than I experienced in many years of traditional therapy. It was quick, to the point and yielded immense healing. He also equipped me with the tools to continually refine the way I take on life’s challenges. I can’t say enough about my experience and I can say I’m now excited about what my future holds.

- Ashley

Other things were temporary fixes. This change was deep–at the subconscious level.

  “I was scared about getting into the program. I believed Dr. Beals couldn’t teach anything that I couldn’t find in a popular marriage book. But I’ve been reading marriage books and articles for years and my situation hasn’t improved. So, I jumped into this program. It has given me ways to change my subconscious mind so I’ve changed the way I see myself and talk to myself.  

I’ve said for years, “I’d pay a million dollars to fix my relationship.” I’m sure, I’m pretty close to that figure with the big house, the cars, the trips. We live a pretty high lifestyle, but those things were just temporary fixes. This program has given me the deeper understanding. It really has been a blessing in my life. There is a reason [they] call Corwynn, ‘Obi Wan’.” 

- Justin