This 30-day program walks you through the steps of reducing emotional, mental, physical and relational suffering, helping you discover the true source of what is keeping you stuck and powerless to change your marriage. The graph below shows you the five major parts of the process.

What Other Students Are Saying…

“I had gone through therapy myself, my husband had gone through therapy, we went through therapy together… and it actually made things worse, not better… It was then I found Dr. C and I jumped right in… 

I immediately loved the way everything was set up… and there’s tools immediately from the very get-go that you can put into action… you feel like you have this tribe or team there for you even though you’re doing everything independently… and over time… things just start to change… not only in my personal relationships but my professional work everywhere of your life, things just started to change!

I didn’t realize that I could make such an impact on my relationship just by me being the one working on me!”


“When I first signed up, I was at a place where I felt like my relationship wasn’t working, and we both felt that this was gonna end.

By signing up in the program helped me heal, help me get to a better place to take care of myself, to love myself. And by doing that, it helped me change my energy that helped our relationship to be better, have better communication, have better intimacy, have better energy towards each other and become the couple that I’ve always dreamed of that we could be.”


“My wife didn’t know if she wanted me around, didn’t know if she wanted to leave me for somebody else, didn’t know if she wanted to keep going with our family, didn’t know what was gonna happen… and so I signed up and I started doing what he told me to do, and things have changed very dramatically, very dramatically.

I’ve gone from feeling powerless to empowered. I look at a situation and I go ‘Okay, I think i have the tools now to work through the situation and to get to a better place.”


“Probably the best thing I did for my marriage as well as my personal growth. 100%–this can help your marriage… Corwynn is actually the man who can do that for you. He did it for me. I stand behind him 100% in anything. Just because he gave me back my hope.”


“Dr. Beal’s Threshold Program has been extremely enlightening and empowering for my mental, social & emotional well being.  Before I went through the  the program’s modules, I was constantly feeling frustrated, confused and powerless in my most intimate relationship. Now after learning that I have the power to alievate my own suffering by letting go of judgement & changing my perspective, I have applied the principals learned to dramatically reduce the amount of internal suffering in my life (not just marriage).  I highly recommend this program for anyone of any age of any background who is experiencing relational turmoil. This is a wonderful, life changing program!”