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 Are you an early adult ready to use powerful and useful tools that confidently prepare you for adulthood?  
In this course you will learn how in life you can…

Be REAL without being insecure.
Be CONFIDENT without being FAKE.
Be CALM without NUMBING or DISTRACTING yourself.
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This experience will change your life!  You will step into your confidence, discover your true self, overcome your fears, and maneuver through life challenges that skillfully bridge you into adulthood.

THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU if you are an early adult between the ages of 16-24 and ready to learn some MIND BLOWING concepts that will change your life! 

After our first pilot that was launched last fall, we were thrilled to see that these concepts and practices CAN indeed be taught to young people with great success and create lasting change within them.  They grew in confidence of their own interactions with their parents, friends, coworkers, and mostly with themselves.   They stepped into being their authentic selves and shifted through experiencing this program.

And not only did the participants notice big shifts in their confidence and authenticity, but the adults in their lives–aunts and grandparents and parents–were thrilled to tell me how much change they had seen in them.

So many young people WANT to be their REAL true self, but when they experiment with that, they feel deep INSECURITY, because it doesn't look like what everyone is 'LIKING' on social media, etc.

OR...they find little tips and tricks to increase CONFIDENCE, but they do it at the expense of being who they really are.  They are confident, but FAKING it.
And this tension gives rise to anxiety.

So they feel like they have to choose...
         BE REAL (and INSECURE)....
         BE CONFIDENT (and FAKE)...

And both options lead to deep stress and anxiety...or depression.

Our early adults go through social anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, and search for a purpose.  We see  young adults that are important to us really struggling with no relief in sight.

We are so excited to provide early adults with powerful and useful tools to navigate these complex situations they go through.

Watch the short video below to hear what people are saying about the young people in their lives experiences with the program! 
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