Youth Alchemy Registration
If you are between the ages of 16-22 or you have a young adult in your life who is, we are excited to share this experience with you! 
 This life changing program
is hosted by Jonathan Beals and Madison Metz 

"For years now, many of our Marriage Alchemy coaching client have asked...

'This is so amazing-- do you have something like this for my son or daughter?'

Up until now, the answer has been...NOT YET.

BUT NOW...we do."

In this course they will learn how in life they can…
Be REAL without being insecure.
Be CONFIDENT without being FAKE.
Be CALM without NUMBING or DISTRACTING yourself.
Register now to learn how we are applying the same concepts at the core of our highly-successful Marriage programs to the young adults in your life.
Alongside our two incredible hosts we will have guest coaches on the calls including Dr. Beals and Coach Suzanne to bring additional mentoring and perspectives. 

Enroll your adult child now 
by clicking the link below. 
This experience will change their life!  They will confidently be their true, best self and maneuver through challenges of life more smoothly.  

Also, if you know of any other young adults between the ages of 16-22 years, please pass this information along to their parents. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm pacific/8pm eastern
June 13th - August 15th

But what if they could experience true relief from this paralyzing anxiety, fear  and confusion?  What if they didn’t have to suffer for another several decades before finding confidence in their true self and the peace that results? 

Is this possible for young people?  Is there a place for them to learn new life strategies and create a different experience for themselves? 

Do they have to wait until they have a crisis in mid-life?  

I used to wonder.  But after witnessing what my now 20-year old son went through, I’m certain that these deep changes can take place at a young age.

I watched with a great sense of helplessness myself as I saw my son go through extreme challenges of physical crisis, social crisis and severe depression–over a three-year period.  And he has had to learn a set of big life shifts to not get stuck there.

So I want you to hear Jonathan's story, so you can see what I’m talking about.

Over the last 3 years, he's been through a lot!

He had a series of concussions that stopped his entire life as he knew it.

No more hanging out with friends.

No more going to school.

No more sports.

Three things he loved and enjoyed.

It led to times where he was in so much physical and emotional pain that he couldn’t go to school and he couldn’t even seem to get himself out of bed until just before dinner.

And it was tricky, since Dads can't just tell their sons what to I tried to steer him to all the best Jedi masters and solutions I could (mental, emotional, psychological, physical) and he learned from them but often went in big spurts of ups and downs.

Until finally he put the last piece together--neutrality--along with all the other things he had to learn the hard, painful way.

And when the last piece fell in place, he shifted almost over-night.

He went from being a high school dropout who didn't even want to take his GED test, to a few months later starting college and thriving with friends, being physically fit and even being a youth leader.

After working on this for nine months before releasing the pilot version...last fall we hosted a special webinar which covers the FIVE BIG SHIFTS anyone can make to become CCR (Confident, Calm, and Real).  

And to say it was a real “eye-opener” for those in attendance is an understatement!

Set aside 35 minutes and watch the replay below 

After our first pilot that was launched last fall, we were thrilled to see that these concepts and practices CAN indeed be taught to young people with great success and create lasting change within them.  They grew in confidence of their own interactions with their parents, friends, coworkers, and mostly with themselves.   They stepped into being their authentic selves and shifted through experiencing this program.

And not only did the participants notice big shifts in their confidence and authenticity, but the adults in their lives–aunts and grandparents and parents–were thrilled to tell me how much change they had seen in them.

So many young people WANT to be their REAL true self, but when they experiment with that, they feel deep INSECURITY, because it doesn't look like what everyone is 'LIKING' on social media, etc.

OR...they find little tips and tricks to increase CONFIDENCE, but they do it at the expense of being who they really are.  They are confident, but FAKING it.
And this tension gives rise to anxiety.

So they feel like they have to choose...
         BE REAL (and INSECURE)....
         BE CONFIDENT (and FAKE)...

And both options lead to deep stress and anxiety...or depression.

But with these FIVE can truly be REAL AND have CONFIDENCE.

And NOW....

we are about to launch the second cohort with a start date of Tuesday May 9th, 2023.

We have expanded the program by adding a co-host, Madison Metz, who is also 20.

Madison went through her own life challenges that brought her to escaping life through drugs, alcohol, and excessive people pleasing with her friends.  She faced depression and then was stuck in extreme overachieving and cycled between these patterns for years. She experienced emotional trauma when she was quite young and masked this pain for many years.  Growing up as the daughter of Marriage Alchemy’s lead coach, she learned to go through the pain as if it was a portal, instead of running away from it.  Through these concepts and understandings she moved from victim to her own hero.  She understood that she had the power to shift her beliefs and get out of blame and judgment.  She is learning how to continuously be honest with herself and to face her own behaviors and choices.  

 We see our teenagers, our college age kids, our grandchildren, or nieces and nephews going through social anxiety, depression, lack of confidence or purpose and drive.   We see  young adults that are important to us  really struggling with no relief in sight.
And  nothing we offer them seems to help–sometimes they even lash out at us for trying to help or act in a defensive manner and shut us out.
The usual angst of being a teenager has only escalated with the constant pressure of social media and teen suicide/depression/anxiety rates have never in history been higher.   
We are so excited to provide young people with tools to navigate these complex situations they go through.

Watch the short video below to hear what people are saying about the young people in their lives experiences with the program! 
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