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Archetypal Bliss Retreat – February 2024

Awaken To Your Bliss…

Awaken to your highest potential through the Archetypal Bliss retreat.  Transform your life through, individual metaphysical and archetypal sessions, 1-1 personal hypnosis, somatic therapy, flow yoga, guided meditation, Ayahuasca ceremonies and farm-to-table organic food in an all-inclusive, luxury retreat center located in Baja.

Warm weather in February.  Walks on the beach.  Star-gazing from the beach-front deck or in a hot tub.  Swimming in the warm, calm waters of the Sea of Cortez.  Snorkeling in the pristine Sea of Cortez.  Sleeping to the sound of waves on the sound. 

Where the retreat will be held:

The retreat center is at a beautiful resort right on Cabo Pulmo, a World Heritage Site known as the best place to access the Sea of Cortez which Jacques Cousteau called “The Aquarium of the World.” It is the perfect setting for diving, not just into the ocean, but into your own unconscious self. The resort is equipped with private or shared casitas, first come first serve selection. 

Who is this for?

Those who have completed our Marriage Alchemy program and are ready to truly “bring it home.” You will face and shift the unconscious issues that keep you from recovering your hero, discover your inner mojo by releasing old patterns, beliefs, and behaviors, and find increased self-worth and passion for life. This results in an increased capacity to be radically honest with yourself, reclaim your hero archetypes, and embody your ability to meet the 4 core needs within yourself. 

If you are experiencing any of these stages of your relationship, your life is going to transform on this retreat. You will be creating a new vision that you can step into with inspired action and bliss. 

  • If you are moving into a “new marriage” with your partner
  • If you are experiencing divorce
  • If you are still on the fence in your marriage, should I stay or should I go?
  • If you are widowed and still grieving and deciding what’s next

For people with unhealthy relationship patterns, past traumas, health issues, stress-induced behaviors, addictions, and destructive habits we are offering a plant medicine ceremony that includes Ayahuasca. Dr. Beals has offered these ceremonies for many years with lasting success. Our ceremonies are led by respected shamans and healers. See below for more information. 

Your 5 Night Stay Will Include

Before Retreat Begins:

  • One coaching call with  Dr. Beals or Suzanne to set clear intentions for the retreat
  • Group call to prepare for this journey of a lifetime and to meet the people who will be on this retreat with you
  • Zoom educational session on plant medicine and if it’s right for you 

During the Retreat:

  • Farm to table organic meals prepared by an executive chef using locally sourced organic food.  (3 meals/day plus snacks) You will be receiving a form asking if you have any food sensitivities or requirements.
  • Deeper dive into archetypal concepts and understanding. 
  • Each participant will receive personal deeper work/hypnosis that aligns you with your intention.
  • Group somatic therapy strengthening the relationship with the 12 archetypes and cleaning up your relationship with your 4 core emotions.
  • Yoga and Guided Meditations twice a day.
  • Workshop integrating feminine and masculine balance within self and how to create polarity in the relationship. 

Optional Subconscious Clearing Tool:

  • 2 plant medicine journeys led by experienced shamans and healers with live cultural music will be offered for an additional cost. 

After The Retreat:

  • One post-retreat integration coaching call with  Dr. Beals or Suzanne to bring the journey home. 
  • Group call with retreat family to connect and share in the integration process.

A Glimpse of a Blissful Day

– Daily archetypal flow yoga (all levels)

-Local, organic, delicious, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Energetically-charged cuisine prepared by an Enlightened Chef. We gather together around the table and share more ancient wisdom and life changing stories. 

-Daily morning and evening guided meditation

-Sessions of deep diving both personal and group sessions throughout the day

-Swimming in the ocean/Snorkeling 

-Time for walking on the beach, star-gazing, and absorbing the natural beauty  

What are the sleeping arrangements?

There are spacious rooms with ensuite bathrooms.  Most rooms have two queen beds, and you can either reserve a room all to yourself or opt to share a room (getting your own queen bed) at a lower cost. We are experts at pairing up the right people to share a room; if cost is an issue, we can discuss this option with you. 

What about the medicine journeys?

Plant medicine is an ancient tool in opening up the mind for instant re-wiring. 

It is crucial to have a clear intention that we help you create ahead of time. This ensures the journey’s success.  We have carefully selected the best space and caretakers for this experience so that you can safely journey with trusted guides. We will discuss with you personally if this journey is right for you. 

Please click the link below to schedule a discernment call with Dr. Beals or with Coach Suzanne to see if you are prepared for this retreat, and to discern if it’s a good fit.  

Transportation Details:

Once you are committed to the retreat journey, you will receive a welcome letter with lots of important information about what to bring on the retreat, communication, food, when to arrive, and more.   

Airport Info:

You will fly into San Jose Del Cabo Airport (SJD) in Baja Sur, California, Mexico. All transportation will be provided for you once you land at the airport. It is about a 90-minute drive from the airport and we will be accompanying you safely to the retreat center.

Here are some images from past retreats in Baja

The effectiveness of the retreat is like coming together for spring training in baseball.  Now that you have recovered your missing archetypes, and have a full team – it’s time to help them learn to play together as a team.  Nothing does this like getting away to a different place for an extended time with one focus – learning to play your best as a team.  This will create the lasting change that you get to experience in your physical life.

We engage the archetypes at every level – we engage them at the PHYSICAL level so that our brain and body and heart are activated to create new patterns of bliss.  

We engage the archetypes at the INTELLECTUAL level–learning more about the 24 archetypes … masculine and feminine–and how they interact with each other.

We engage the archetypes at the INSTINCTUAL unconscious level–using all parts of us to rewire the brain.  The image above was part of someone’s shadow work where they rewrote some unconscious beliefs by changing the image at the unconscious level – also interacting with the mind, heart and body.

We also engage the archetypes at the EMOTIONAL level, learning to engage and move through the emotions rather than rejecting or projecting them.  This lets us find joy that may have been hiding for years.

And we engage our archetypes at the UNITIVE level (sometimes referred to as spiritual or mystical).  We use neuroscience-based tools that turn off our limited thoughts and our inner critic long enough to see reality as it is–without our lenses of old patterns and judgments.  This brings it all together in a way that makes deep and lasting change.  With all these tools at all these levels, you will be able to remove whatever obstacle is between you and bliss.  You will have a newfound vitality that creates inspired, intentional action to come forth within your life.

And even though you are doing all this work/play discovering your highest and best self…you get to do it with others.  And in the process, you just may find that you create connectedness with a group of people whom you come to know like family.   

In spending this much time in a non-judgmental, curious presence with others doing the same thing in such an amazing setting, you may find a level of companionship you did not think possible.  Others will learn from you.  You will learn from them.  And you’ll look back on the journey knowing that none of you will ever be the same old self again.

There is much preparation happening for your arrival and we are very excited to greet you on this journey.


The retreat is catered with delicious, nutrient food. It is mostly vegetarian with fish also being served.

Transportation for you from and to the airport is provided.  The airport to fly into is SJD: Los Cabos San Jose.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks so much for your attention and we look forward to this magical and special journey with you!

If you have further interest in the retreat, please EMAIL US DIRECTLY (suzanne@marriagealchemist.com) or set up a call.

{source for photos:  https://bajaserenity.com/)