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Helping You Rediscover Your Passion

“I was in such horrible pain and so confused when I signed up.  Within the
first week, I was thinking clearly and had learned to relieve my own
suffering.  My husband said he was done with the marriage and didn’t want
to save it, so I got started by myself. Very quickly, our patterns changed! My
husband has moved back in, and our conversations are much more
productive now.” –Magdalena, Marriage Alchemy Graduate

You’ve Tried It ALL
  • Endless therapy sessions that leave you more confused
  • Stacks of “fix your relationship” books
  • Hours of podcasts and unhelpful advice from your pastor or friends
  • Marriage retreats and romantic vacations that just end in fights
  • Separating and getting back together again in a toxic pattern

      What if you changed your beliefs?  
      If you’ve ever thought….
      “Relationships should be happy and never painful.”
      “Love is free and should be easy.”
      “I just need to find that one magic bullet solution.”
      Or, perhaps the most unhelpful and untrue thought we’ve all had and heard countless times:
      “It takes two to save a relationship.”
      Shift from your old mindsets and beliefs…
      …learn powerful truths to bring your marriage back to life

      What people are saying…

      Truth-- old assumptions/lies need to be replaced with NEW beliefs.

      Watch this masterclass to see how to replace old beliefs with new truths and bring your relationship back to life. Click on the button below to get started!

      Be advised! This program takes TIME, RESOURCES, and the COMMITMENT of ONE PERSON.
      Marriage Alchemy is NOT FOR YOU if you are looking for a band-aid, you are not 100%
      committed to change yourself, or if you are unwilling to invest resources.

      Dr. Corwynn Beals

      Who am I?

      Over 27 years of working with hurting people has taught me so much, and I was really my own first client.  Through leading others through emotional transformation, I’ve explored the depths of the unconscious. My education at Yale and Fordham, as well as an extensive study of neuroscience, emotional intelligence, human behavior and mental and emotional regulation have forged my expertise as a dynamic, influential leader, and relationship strategist.
      I’ll lead you through life-changing experiential and shadow work to get to the root of you.