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Thank you for applying …

Thank you for applying for a coaching call. Unfortunately, based on your application you may not have the financial resources needed to enroll. We don’t want you to invest your time on a call just to find out our program won’t currently fit your budget.

This message is to inform you that your call has been canceled.

The ideal participant has an urgent need for change in their relationship … yet are strong in other areas of their lives. We want to be upfront with our intention. The program you applied for provides direct access to Dr. Beals and his team. Our clients find the return on investment is significant, but the pricing tiers begin at $1,000.

This call is intended to create an inspired action and discuss solutions that create lasting change. We keep our spots open for those who are ready and able to take action and invest in themselves.

When your financial situation changes or if your credit score is above 600, we can direct you to third-party funding options that can provide a monthly payment of as little as $208 per month. You can use this link to reapply should that fit for you. You can also email us at support@marriagealchemist.com with any questions.

There are two motivators that can get people ready for lasting change: devastation and inspiration. Our coaching calls are designed to inspire you with what is actually possible, but our expenses make it necessary for us to only work with people who can afford that level of involvement.

Whether you decide to apply again or find a different path, we wish you the very best.

— Dr. Corwynn Beals and the Marriage Alchemy team